Mezzanine floors

The janitor never let me in. I was a mere kid.

It left me with a feeling of horizons unexplored. Was there another flight of stairs, beyond the confines of vision? Was there another sky – not blue?

My paintings reflect unexplored skies – birds on my shoulder whispering messages from the universe. My adventures reflect a search for the unknown. My poems connect me to less defined mezzanine floors. Creativity helps me lead a fulfilled life.

Not having specific contacts in the building prevented my entry. But the letters I left in the mailboxes, got me a response from the universe.

33 thoughts on “Mezzanine floors

  1. Nicely done. The MC has learned to set his imagination free, and even to elicit responses from people he doesn’t know. I love ‘birds on my shoulders whispering messages to the universe.”

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