Building dreams #whatdoyousee

Building dreams ….. by Jude Itakali

tales told different

Cast aside the yolk of fear
And loosen the noose of worry

Reena’s exploration challenge

For the mind must breathe
And the heart must explore

If you plant your feet in a field of dreams
Be sure to pick the best materials
For your dreams are precious,
And My! What marvels they are!

#whatdoyousee prompt

So heave!
Work the pulleys of success
Lay the finest marble
Mount the largest beams
And prop the strongest buttresses
For in these dreams
Dwell your deepest joys

Let the sculpter
Gaze in awe at your foundations
Let the artist
Marvel at the richness of your canvas
Let the jeweller
Crave the light of your display
Let them all come
From far and wide
And right besides
For if hope is drawn to hope
Then may we build
This dream together.

© judeitakali

I hope you enjoy this
I’m trying desperately to get my first…

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