Life lessons

I’d suffered from typhoid during my first year at school, and missed one paper from the first term examination. I can’t recall the fever or any other symptom.

Just that my class teacher, a kindly old lady, Mrs. Kent asked my mother to request the Principal for a re-examination. I’d scored well in all other papers, and getting to do this one would have me topping the class. 

“Otherwise, she will miss the applause in the assembly,” she said. And then, the school Principal, a very stern Mrs. Kolady banged the table with a “Re-exam? Never, never, never … let her do well in future exams. This is just the first one.”

 -achievements recalled
 bring smiles, then I hear a knock
 -those life lessons learnt


21 thoughts on “Life lessons

  1. I don’t understand why you couldn’t take the exam later. I think being seriously ill would be considered an extenuating circumstance. It wasn’t like you were just looking to study more. Obviously, you have done just fine even with the disappointment of missing the applause.

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  2. Oh Mrs. Kolady was stern indeed….just that additional little memory you have of her banging the table when she spoke says SO MUCH about her! I wonder if she had children of her own? What better excuse could one have than typhoid? Lesson learned….but I think the lesson learned would be to have compassion when compassion is due.
    A well told memory….and I’ll bet unless you are deathly ill, you do not put off a task or a responsibility all these years later!
    Interesting she remained a family friend for many years….and you are still in touch. Sometimes the strictest teachers are the ones we credit most with aspects of our character.


    1. You are so bang on! She did not have children, and separated from her husband after retirement, bcoz they wanted to live in different places – she, in a metro city, and he, farming in his village. It also made me think, it is okay to exercise your choices in life.

      And yes, I don’t put off tasks.


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