Why worry?

Why Worry? ….. By Happy Soul

Live Love Laugh Learn

Why think of tomorrow’s sorrow? Why worry? 
Often we soak ourselves in this poison of anxiety and fear
Relax! Breathe! Take one day at a time, one moment at a time
Remember worry only steals us of the joy of the present
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown, live this moment

I just finished a bit of “gyan session” to my daughter. Not too much… just a wee little bit.., She has her exams going and there is this one answer in English text book she doesn’t want to read and she chose not to read. She is a finisher and perfectionist. She was restless through the evening, she dint enjoy the evening walk with her grandma. When I asked what’s bothering her, She said “what if the same question comes in the exam!” 😅

You have two choices I said

1. Read it now…

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