The Cure

The Cure ….by tiredhamster

Very Important Stuff Here

“Don’t worry, Morton, it’s a simple procedure. And non-invasive too!”

“Um…alright. But, it just seems kind of big.” Morton pointed to the c-clamp that was as large as a baby elephant.

“Yes, it is quite big.” The doctor nodded. Silence permeated between the two. “Oh! You were wondering about the logistics! Well, that’s what I have my partner for!”

“Your partner?”

“Um, Sydney!” The doctor called-out. That’s when one of the walls of the doctor’s office opened-up and an immense, spindly red man crawled into the office like a spider that lost control of its limbs.

“Yesss sirrrr?” The red man said with a smile.

“Hello Sydney, today is your lucky day. Morton here needs a procedure performed on him.”

The red man’s eyes glistened beneath the fluorescent lights. The red man clawed for the c-clamp and shifted slowly towards Morton.

“Wait! Wait! I don’t get it!”

“Don’t be silly…

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