“We extend full support to our beloved leader. The nefarious strategies of the opposition party have been exposed.

“You know that, because it is what the media tells you, and no one is talking about strategies of the ruling party. You will gain deep insights on proverbs such as ‘Offense is the best defense’, ‘ carrot-and-stick’, ‘divide-and-rule’ etc, if you care to understand more.”

“You are anti-national”, the tone is belligerent.

“And, all of you – cattle in a rodeo.”

25 thoughts on “Rodeo

  1. Sadly all too true… both the nature of the ruling class and the nature of those who would allow themselves to be ruled (or, at very least, manipulated)…
    (and to contribute to your list of big lies, ‘Might makes right.’
    As always, a thought-provoking Six

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