Magic Tree

Golden Apple Tree and Nine Peahens by Arthur Rackham from the Allies Fairy Book 1916

It was an unusual night.

I smashed the past with outdated hammers, and left them behind to blame each other.

I went out to the hazel wood, because a fire was in my head. I needed to build the future. I described my dream to the trees and they nodded in denial. How could they help, being rooted in the past carrying traditions forward?

And then a miracle happened. Roots moved, and asked to be planted in new soil. 

The leaves that sprout are of a different colour. The branches hold dreams of bearing fruit I have never tasted before. Mutability is the hallmark of this species. There is no promise of bearing the same fruit next year.

I don’t know what happened to upholders of the Past. Someone once told them they are the best, and they lost the will to move forward.


21 thoughts on “Magic Tree

  1. I love smashing the past … sometimes we must. Also love your emphasis on trees, way back in the 90s on a trip to visit the giant sequoias in CA I saw the Hazelwood tree. At that time the 17th largest. Sadly I read years later it lost half its trunk in a 2002 lightening storm.

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