The damp fog refused to burn away, eating up their street until the suburb became still and their house an island.

This quote knocks at her creativity.

The message from her friend looms large on her mind,

“The tainted woman CEO of …. Bank is not so bad a person. Her husband is the real culprit in the money-laundering case. He engineered the fraud. God knows what kind of compromises she had to make….”

Others blamed the boss who was instrumental in catapulting her to that position.

Did the lady realise the responsibility she carried on her shoulders, not just being the CEO of a leading bank, but a symbol of woman power in corporate corridors? Will the future female leaders be at a disadvantage, being labelled  puppets in the hands of husbands and bosses.

She starts writing the synopsis of her next novel “The CEO”.

Details will emerge from collective experience of the female psyche, as she starts writing. It’s a novel, not a biography.

Maybe the CEO walked one step at a time in the dense fog, not knowing where will the path take her……

The fog will dissipate slowly and clarity will emerge, as she starts writing….

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