Understanding Time

Understanding Time ..by Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

Electrons are always moving.  They spin very quickly around the nucleus of an atom.  As the electrons zip around, they can move in any direction, as long as they stay in their shell.  Electrons can move in any direction you can imagine.  Electrons are constantly spinning in those atomic shells and those shells, or orbitals, are specific distances from the nucleus.  A guy named Schrödinger started realizing that all electrons weren’t the same and they didn’t move in the same way.  The mathematics describing the vibratory patterns that define the states of atoms in quantum mechanics is identical to that which describes the resonance of musical instruments.  Eventually it was found that all forces in nature can be classified into four types.  The gravitational force holds together the universe at large, plus the atmosphere, water, and us to the planet Earth.  The electromagnetic force governs atomic level phenomena, binding electrons…

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