Reena’s Exploration Challenge #171

Indira’s take on Exploration Challenge #171

Sharing Thoughts

We have a dialogue prompt this week ….with a twist.

What is the twist?

You need to take it forward from the perspective of the opposite gender, not yours.

Woman-:  And I always thought it was you, secretly helping and supporting me against all the odds.’ 

‘I can’t be grateful enough for it.’  

Man- ‘It was me indeed… watching you stand there proud and unbending… with my support.
I had foreseen the potential in you. 
I knew that a little support will take you a long way. I did never let you know about my help and support lest it hampers your self-esteem. Mentioned it now because you did.’

Her acceptance brought tears to his eyes.

Who doesn’t likes a little appreciation, acknowledgment, and gratitude?

Never forget .

Just show it, man!

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