The Glass Mountain

She was castigated for her courage, let down by those who resented her leadership, put down by puny egos.

Yet, she rose to be at the pinnacle of a small mountain she constructed by choice. A tiny, glass mountain adorned her desk and she never failed to credit it with being a source of inspiration.

She is being interviewed by a leading television channel in her office.

“What was the hardest part?”

“Erasing the marks on my psyche once considered indelible….”, she wiped the glass mountain with a tissue and chucked the tissue in the bin, “….need I say more?”

23 thoughts on “The Glass Mountain

  1. excellent imagery for a provocative Six… we see the obstacles in our life like smudges on glass from a distances, they look to be a part of the glass mountain… but once we find that we can clear it once, the rest becomes much less of a block.

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