Finding something forgotten

Michael asks us to explore deserted lanes in mind spaces – finding something forgotten.

I think about 

  • Lost keys and other items found while moving house
  • My husband scanning through his parents’ personal belongings years after they passed away, and revisiting memories associated with those articles
  • Widows telling me stories about how they asked their late husband to help with something, and just landed on the object of search
  • A school reunion where we talk about days gone by
  • Walking through a stretch where concrete towers have replaced the greenery 
  • Finding a cart with candy or ice-lollies we enjoyed in school

I think about using one of these as a theme, and then lightning strikes –

The most valued find in a lifetime is FORGOTTEN POTENTIAL.

I used to write in my student days, and then lost my creativity in drafting the perfect email or business report. It felt great to come back to it.

I decorated Amazon delivery boxes with decoupage art for storing kitchen napkins, and remembered that I enjoyed craft lessons in school.

I think I should try shaking a leg, despite the excess weight I carry, and rediscover my potential to dance.

The question that will haunt me this week is

“What did I do earlier, that I’ve stopped doing now?’

9 thoughts on “Finding something forgotten

  1. I was asked recently why I don’t still do some of the things I once did when younger. The memory is still there, the motivation to act on them is not. Fear has taken over, it something I know i should work on.Thanks for your great contribution Reena, so much to think about.

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