Darkness holds light

Darkness holds light ….. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

P.C :- Tim Hüfner @ Unsplash

Gates of my mind shut itself down,

At the first failure it met,

I cribbed, I cried,

I ranted, I rued,

I despaired, I dreaded,

I lost when,

I accepted defeat without nudging myself to try.

I broke boundaries when,

I shrugged myself away from shackles of shiver engulfing,

Darkness holds itself dear, only to let light shine through,

Not to defeat you.

You are the light, you shall shine through.

66 words

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena Saxena for hosting Reena’s Exploration Challenge #170. Thank you Sadje for hosting What do you see challenge #67. Thank you both for these lovely inspiring prompts. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

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