sets of words - ring hollow with no meaning
I break them, put those together again
my story peeps through the page - amazing

I wonder how long will bonhomie last
I've seen friends change, goodwill slip away fast

she said it again, with envy gleaming
she's an old friend, so I just let it pass
characters jump - the story is changing

emerging opposites leave me aghast
not a gentle goodbye, it is a blast

short stories expand, reach out connecting
appalled by sudden camaraderie
empathy, sympathy - loud bells ringing

I lie low - creativity surpassed
How can I miss underlying contrast

Divided they ruled, united they sing
I need a twist of brilliance in the tale
Darkness of night sees a new sun rising

Overnight, literary wealth amassed
I must start writing, I can't let it pass

they want to save face, I see them cringing
their past catching up on long cherished dreams
Power in my pen manipulating

actions hitherto considered obscene
destiny challenged, they will don new masks
It's a long story, will need re-telling

I love my characters - hear them singing
their songs need to change, with woven conflict
I purge it out, express myself writing
not a short story - novel emerging

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