Drowned thoughts

Alphabets retained in memory as images, put together as words and sentences convey a meaning and conjure different images. 

Punctuation is derived to save me from drowning in a sea of words, but the human mind does not stop being ingenious. 

We turned full circle and returned to images …er, emojis.

I dream of myself drowning in an ocean of emojis making weird faces, and I cannot decipher what they want from me.

So, I start working at deriving a script with emojis used in place of words, and the punctuation marks would be words.

I invite applications from words with logic, to stem the flow of emotions and moods – to induce humans to think, rather than follow and flow where the majority goes.



32 thoughts on “Drowned thoughts

  1. I LOVE grammar. Diagraming sentences was something I would do for fun! I don’t think I could handle returning to images as a form of writing!

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  2. what an interesting concept, the grammar of a visual language…
    the use of emojis requires conscious thought on my part, so, in a sense, I’m a tourist with a dog-eared copy of a emoji dictionary
    thought-provoking, as always!

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