menacing, short steps
 bring him closer
 every moment
 venomous blues
 cloud imagination
 to torment
 I know it’s the end
 strapped to monitors
 once again
 “See what fear does,” he says
 addressing the interns
 “to neural pathways
 in the brain.
 Extrapolated vision
 tenses up nerves
 I’m not an executioner
 just look like one….”
 Darkness envelopes
 I’m no more, 
there’s no one
 just rivers of blood
 soaked by the banks
 “Relax, now, it’s done”
 I feel the stitches
 on my skin
 see smiling faces
 “Hope you are fine..”
 White nurses tell me
 the surgery is over
 it was anaesthesia
 not a vaccine…

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