Monochrome beauty

He called after more than a decade.

“My daughter is flying to the USA from Delhi. She might call if any assistance is required.


The last I’d heard about him was the annulment of his week-long marriage. Maybe he married a widow or divorcee later, and this is a foster child.

He was my schoolmate who did not complete graduation, and survived on a series of sales jobs. We often referred to him as one who wasted his life.

On subsequent calls, it turned out that this girl was adopted by his mother. The child was not wanted by either of her divorced parents. When his parents passed away, aspersions were cast on his relationship with the girl.

“I found a non-resident husband for her, so that she is not tormented by her past. The priest asked for the father to give away the bride’s hand. I told him – father, mother, brother or uncle, I am all the bride has, so I’ll give her away…”

I silently bowed to him in respect.

Who says only a peacock has a glorious plume? There are many who go unnoticed, but it does not diminish the beauty of their deeds.


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