You let me down, when I’d trusted you for life.

I can see the pain in your insanity. You could not handle rejection. But you overlooked the fact that I have a right to live my life my way. A relationship does not mean surrender of individual rights. There was nothing to stop you from taking your life ahead, your way…. without me.

Insanity? That is your excuse to rationalise the situation.

I realised it much later that whatever I’m going through is verbal and mental abuse. Social norms do not see abuse as a crime, unless it gets physical. I have my defence mechanism to not get emotionally hurt. Yet, the two types of abuse are real.

You might as well suffer, if you made me suffer. You overlook the nice things I do for you.

These are abusers’ behaviour patterns everywhere. Cruelty interspersed with positive actions….

Have you spoken to someone else about it? How do you know how other abusers behave?

There goes your paranoia again…



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