Unwritten magic

Unwritten Magic —- by Eugenia

Eugi's Milieu

again, no water!

lips parched and dry

longing to sup dew from

a single leaf clinging to life

before its last disconnect.

concerned for her children,

she harangued customer service,

her rant lapsed on the weary.

come morning, the skies awakened

in fairytale fashion, cascading tears

from unwritten poems.

a dazzling performance

Reena’s Exploration Challenge#168

A breakdown in domestic water supply – A harangued home-maker

dVerse Pub MTB: Personification &Imagery hosted by GraceinMeeting the Bar: Critique and Craft

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #310 – Tired and Run Down – 14thJanuary

Word of the Day Challenge – Dazzling

Your Daily Word Prompt – Lapse – January, 14, 2021


image source – lovethispic.com

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