Credit: 17QQ

“I love emojis …. how they save you time and effort to express something…”

“Do you use the stock images, or create your own?”

“Why should I spend time on it, when there are content creation teams doing it?”

“Those teams also ensure that you stay within acceptable limits of expression …. Actually they impose a code of conduct on you.”

“Hmmm… those are filters on emotions, rather than candid expression.”

“Filters are an acknowledgement that trash exists, and one needs to find acceptable ways of managing it.”


20 thoughts on “Emo-filters

  1. I really appreciate the final line, Reena–it isn’t healthy to pretend negative reality is “okay”; far better to learn good coping techniques which include filters. Well done.


  2. Funny, have been using them more over the last year. I suppose they add a little extra something 🙂 Having said that, your Six does give one pause to wonder… are they yet another method of subtle social engineering?? 😀

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  3. Haven’t developed the use (of emojis) to the point that I remember to employ them. Seems like an efficient tool, a shorthand if you will, graphic meets rhetoric

    ….thought-provoking Six, as always, R.

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    1. Thank you, Clark! I often give a challenge to my trainees – write one word to describe each emoji on your phone without repeating words. They are unable to do it. So, emojis are likely to miscommunicate, in absence of the right linkages.


  4. I too like emojis and often resort to them when I really don’t want to get into a long conversation. Lazy,yes, effecty yes, perfect no! But this six is…perfect, that is. 😉😉

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