The Latest Year – Poems for January

The lastest year ….. by tiredhamster

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2021 and I finally
Wake-up. It wasn’t a coma,
Just a long, dedicated nap.
Somewhat refreshed,
I can now see
In my tiny window
The streets filled with flame,
The buildings swaying
And the people shooting
Each other and their mothers
and at the moon
With a fresher gaze.
I sigh and close the shutters
And go searching for cereal
Until I find a black hole
Situated in my kitchen.
And I’m still hungry.

2022 and I finally
Wake-up. It wasn’t death,
Just a light vacation
From life. I fling from my bed
And notice the world
Is but a silent haze now
With shadow-people
Wandering about. Slowly.
The sky: a thick, yellow ghost
And I’m disappointed to find
That the black hole has
Stretched towards the breakfast nook.
Fortunately, an image is beamed
Into my eye: an old man
Letting us know we no longer
Have to fear: peace…

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