I remember the first time it hurt. It was absence of recognition. Then, the wheel rolled – it changed to concealed resentment, envy as they sought delight in putting me down.

I felt a third eye awakening in my consciousness. I could see through the barbs, feel their own perceived smallness. I felt stronger than before.

Decades down the line, it has stopped hurting.

I don’t need a friend any more

I’m so complete, full of myself

they call me self-obsessed

but I don’t care…

I would like to go back and help, help them to find their own greatness. But I know I’m not wanted.

I leave them to their devices, and move ahead. Each of us has to traverse the path, live through our own journeys, and find what lies at the other end.

It may be different

from what we always thought

of ourselves

and others…

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