Do Whatever Works for You

A Unique Title For Me

‘Whatever Gets You Thru The Night’ is a John Lennon song that was on his 1974 Walls and Bridges album and it featured Elton John on harmony vocals and piano.  The music was inspired by the #1 single at the time, ‘Rock Your Baby’ by George McCrae.  Elton John had a feeling that this song was going to be a hit, so he bet Lennon that the song would top the charts.  A skeptical Lennon took him up on it saying that if it did, then he would appear on stage at one of Elton’s performances.  This song hit #1 in the US and charted #36 in the UK and Lennon made what would be his last major concert appearance at Elton John’s Thanksgiving Day performance at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 28, 1974.  With this song, Lennon became the last of the Beatles to hit #1 US in…

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