Name the Weapon


 STATIC PEOPLE by reflection shadows
 Parts of me fails
 to understand.
 Between silence
 and television calm.
 There is a blank
 empty canvas in me.
 That seems
 to eat the planets
 in space, and devour
 it all.
 To drift
 and order.
 My own shadow
 sits; and
 It's tears
 filter through
 and creates
 in my hand.
 We devour
 the shape
 of this very poem.
 It's features.
 It's ideals.
 It's curvature.
 All to discover
 the same tools
 to build the
 monoliths in Rome. 


 my shadow 
 clutches its stomach
 in agony

 those planets 
 are bad for me....
 - astrology says 
virtual reality
keeps me engaged
while augmented reality
plays mind games
 making it difficult
for my detractors
to identify 
the real me
a dark shadow emerges
from behind the Red Moon
 Do they have guns there?
 I guess, no
 I can’t put a name
to the weapon he carries
and then I see my own face
behind the dark veil
now I know
the name of the weapon
is resentment
 it will rule the world
 for decades to come....

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