Same Sun, New Colors

It is the same Sun that greets me every morning. I don my eye-glasses, and strain the eyes to see if there are any additional rays in the aura around it. A year has passed, and it should reflect in the Sun’s achievements – like a new medal.

I think of all the shades of dawn, and their Pantone nomenclature. They have chosen a sombre grey and lemon yellow to acknowledge the pandemic, but couldn’t resist a Blush Beauty and Winery in the summer/spring palette.

Dear Sun, are you listening? I would like you to add a new colour to brighten up the world’s moods. Can the birds look brighter as they take a view of the world below?

new shades of orange

donned by early morning skies

– dark birds fly across

23 thoughts on “Same Sun, New Colors

  1. What an absolutely marvelous take on the prompt! I am smiling broadly here. I remember when we first moved to Boston, going to the paint store to pick up these Pantone sheets of colors and tints. I love that you’ve added some at the end here. Oh yes….could the birds look brighter and may our world be brighter too, this year of 2021. Well done! Enjoyed this very much!

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