Stuck in Transit: 2020 Wrap Up

Fixin' Leaks and Leeks


The Hot-Tub Fairy is stuck at an undisclosed postal facility and will not arrive. In its place, the Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks Team received a lovely hole in Alex’s tub (which was fixed), and the master bathroom shower was finally sealed and caulked correctly, so we’re grateful, but now I’m tasked with improvising a hot-tub experience with a couple of shower heads, a Pandora disco station, and a suction cup drink holder. (Stay tuned? I guess?)

Here are other things I wished for in 2020—at the very beginning—when I was half-crazed with a sense of normal well-being and possessed with a reckless and wild notion of safety:

–“Go somewhere—anywhere—on a plane during the spring or summer for vacation.” Didn’t happen. Instead, we made sourdough starter—which is still alive—yay, Team! And we whisked ourselves away to magical worlds in our living room, thanks to 90-Day Fiancé, The Killer Sofa, The Tiger…

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