Reena’s Exploration Challenge- 167

Sadje’s masterpiece …..

Keep it alive

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #166

Welcome to the last Exploration Challenge of 2020!


I’m employing a reverse strategy for the last prompt this year.

Here are two short pieces for the prompt.

inkblots mutateto form pictures,alphabets,storiesI did not create
decorated treessway to songsemanating frommasked lipsimagining smilesthat reachtwinkling toes andluminous tips

You can choose either one or both. You don’t have to write anything, unless you are so inspired that you cannot resist sharing a piece.

You are required to find a picture from your Media library, sites for free pictures, or your phone camera and post it on your blog. Copyright if any will remain with you.

You have plenty of time to do it, so you are…

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