Reena’s Exploration Challenge #166

Reverse Strategy by Indira

Sharing Thoughts


I’m employing a reverse strategy for the last prompt in this year.

Here are two short pieces for the prompt.

inkblots mutateto form pictures,alphabets,storiesI did not createdecorated treessway to songsemanating frommasked lipsimagining smilesthat reachtwinkling toes andluminous tips

You can choose either one or both. You don’t have to write anything, unless you are so inspired that you cannot resist sharing a piece.

My Take-

Not mere the inkblots

Each word choosen mindfully

Depicts emotions

State of mind of the writer

And the places where it dwells

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7 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #166

      1. My problem is when I want to add an image, I don’t find the option in add block. It’s either compare image, gallery or so many other. Do you know how can I get back to the older format? It was so easy.


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