Heartwarming brings to mind the 4 years spent with my dog love, Chappy…

A few glimpses

Scene 1

She is being cajoled to join us for the Laxmi Puja (a worship ritual) on Diwali, but no response. The noise of crackers outside created sever discomfort for her, and she was hiding under the bed.

We complete the rituals, and turn back. She is sitting right behind us, with her head up for the teak (vermilion mark on forehead) and the Prasad (sweets offered to the Goddess and then shared).

Scene 2

My mother is not well due to her vertigo problem, and is lying down. She mumbles an apology to Chappy, for her lunch is being delayed. Next moment, Chappy is sitting besides my Mom with a paw on her hand, as if comforting her. And she remains there till Mom is better.

Scene 3

Every night, she quietly retreats to the other room when we start having dinner. The moment we are done, we hear a Koo sound to indicate “Let us be together again.” We have no clue how she always knew it from the other room.

Similarly, we always found her at the foot of our bed, sitting on her haunches, waiting for us to wake up in the morning.

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