Your hands, my words

Don’t miss the beautiful piece —Your hands, My words … by Punam


Your hands hold me protectively
my hands write, evoke life’s glory
the give and take, the working in tandem theory
unfolding every day a new story!

Your hands are pragmatic and solid
keeping me grounded on world stage well nigh!
my words rise loftily high
building a mansion in the sky!

Your hands are cool and neutral
not withdrawn but working methodically
my words spill moodily
somewhat convinced but not completely!

Your strong hands are lovingly gentle
making me twirl giddily on my feet
my words are shy and sweet
promising you heaven, when with thine they meet!

Your hands span my waist
spinning my world dizzily
my words unfurl softly
caressing your feelings tenderly!

Your hands weave magic mostly
with joy they make me scream
my words gush forth like a stream
passionate and full of dreams!

Our hands discover and create
as we continue on this…

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