Gerd Altmann at Pixabay

“Dr. Diana, did you seek permission from the clients before hypnotising them, as per professional ethics?”

“They are not sane enough to decide for themselves, but benefit from the treatment given.”

“I understand you wrote “Fairies on the menu tonight” in the invite for Dinner with Diana, and dressed as a fairy yourself.”

“It was on the request of one of the inmates I had become close to.”

“It was done to cause a stampede, and  it was on your request that he opened the gates to let out three selected inmates – Why, and for what price?

“For an amount sufficient to build my personal fairyland, and practice mass hypnosis- the enslaved inmates would have been instrumental in executing a political strategy.”

This is the third part of a story, which ends here 🙂

Links to the first two parts are given below


16 thoughts on “Nested

  1. Excellent ‘atmosphere’ in your serial story… so difficult to create in the confines of our format… but I had that sense of a malignant bureaucracy and, of course, our rebellious protagonist.
    Nice to see courage to defy the system celebrated.

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