The black dog followed them home, and then blocked their path. He wouldn’t let them open the door to enter the house.

They had ignored him for sometime, but there appeared to be a message in his persistence.

“Let’s follow him. He has something to show us.”

Tina felt he understood her language, and started walking out of the gate. He would stop, turn back and check if they were following him.

He led them to the large public garbage bin. They heard the distinct cry of a howling infant.

Their gaze stopped at a tiny bundle in yellow fabric.

He turned and shot a pleading look at them.

“Anand, he placed his trust in us to help. I see a messenger from God…” Tina’s voice was thick with emotion.

“Don’t get God in. He is more human than the people around us.”

A week later, Anand and Tina were throwing a party to introduce their new family members. A black dog called Angel, and an adopted son, Ashish.

12 thoughts on “Angel

    1. It is based on real-life incidents that have occurred across the globe. Dogs know how to approach the right people for help. In a picture I saw, 4 canines were guarding an infant in the park, till morning-walkers arrived and were approached.

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