I wonder what holds me back
 a disapproving glance
 asking me to dance
 to a tune I detest
 causing unrest…
 I wonder what pulls me away
 churning of gossip mills
 outdated customs, drills
 I know I want to flee
 I know it’s not just me
 I wonder why I did not speak
 what held my words, my mouth
 fear of being called uncouth
 it’s a culture which is not mine
 mindsets you cannot refine
 I wonder why I don’t rebel
 I feel surging power within
 I need to redefine kith and kin
 Let the ship sink with the crew
 Deep down it’s me, not you
 I wonder why I did not run
 shackled feet, tired mind
 unable to skip recurring grind
 I tear the skates off my feet
 trained to move on icy sheets
 I wonder if I’ll ever stop
 Fire beneath won’t let me stay
 Till all those dragons I slay
 Till I make peace with my soul
 Find what it means to be whole


6 thoughts on “Barriers

  1. So often it is about understanding who and what we are and why we make the decisions we do. It’s never easy especially when confronted by the ‘barriers’ we often have created for ourselves. Excellent piece Reena, thanks for participating.

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