Warning bells

“Let’s go back…”

“I’m fed up of these daily excuses not to run.”

She was training for the next event at national level.

“It’s not an excuse. I’ll complete the distance running to and fro, to this point, but not beyond this.”

“Why?” There was exasperation in his tone, “there are no ghosts on that side. I can assure you of that.”

“Something worse than ghosts…. Look there, someone has dropped a pyjama drawstring, and unsightly things lay beyond.”

“OMG! Keep running in a loop of eight. Let me check what’s happening there, and give you an All Clear signal.”

29 thoughts on “Warning bells

    1. Going by numerology, number 8 people are difficult to tackle – being very strong-minded, independent individuals. Like the number, they tend to come back at the point they started from, not absorbing what happened during the conversation.


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