Death by Excess

I skip the news updates on Corona horrors and vaccine developments, except for the economic impact. 

I am not afraid of death.

Yet, I think I’ve seen death closely than ever before – lurking in eyes, expressions, behaviour patterns, ostracisation of people considered unsafe ….making me fear it will continue as an obsessive compulsive disorder in the post Covid era.

I’m tempted to ask them, “Do you think death is scarier than the life we live today?” 

 on exit paths
 -giving way to
 -are we moving
 or backwards? 

A person with claustrophobia who refused to wear a mask, and ridiculed people staying indoors falls prey to the dreaded disease. Doctors surmise that the cause of death was cardiac arrest, not Covid, and it could be due to his resistance to the bipap mask, which was needed to restore oxygen levels. Makes me wonder how many people have died of the disease, and how many of fear?

 as invisible dragons
 enter breathing spaces
 not knowing 
 if they will take
 -a few days,
 certified normalcy
 Or mind-sets? 

There are many who die of old age or non-covid diseases, but do not get a decent funeral. I wonder what were they thinking in their last moments. Would they have liked to wait for better times? Or happily bid goodbye to those who had distanced themselves?

 final moments
 a recap of life
 what could have been better
 does it really matter
 how deliverance came
 it is just
 the end of a game.

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