The Art of War

 a glare
 a raised eyebrow
 scathing criticism 
 unsolicited advice
 an attempt to step
 into my territory
 take decisions 
 for me
 glowing with 
 I don’t know 
 who they are
 nor do I
 want to know…
 a lifetime spent
 in defending 
 boundary lines
 in accusations
 of dominance
 or stubborn-ness
 of having grown
 bigger than 
 my boots
 I do know 
 who they are
 but wished
 had never known
 I took so long
 to know and reject
 not letting you 
 is called dominance
 life could’ve been easier
 many battles won
 If I’d learnt 
 -the art of war
 lies in offense
 not self-defence 

27 thoughts on “The Art of War

          1. Oh, no! Seems there should be a way to retrieve it. That is one of the main reasons I have 2 laptops in case I get in a jam. Plus, my hubby has a desktop so we’re pretty well covered. I have Windows, which it is possible to retrieve a forgotten password.


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