Nature Unlocks

Nature Unlocks ….. By Goutam Dutta

Goutam's Writings

My verandah is basking in sunshine;
Sunshine that feels like molten butter,
That which flows freely
In its desire to reach out
and swamp everything
With unbridled exuberance.
Warm, playful, extrovert sunshine,
Like a lover’s passionate impatience,
Like a child’s unabashed playfulness,
Falling over my shoulders,
Running all over my face,
Happy to have found me
after many a decade.
Happy to have found
a willing friend,
Who wants to give in
To its friendliness.
Happy to reach out to all those
who are bereft of its reach,
while at work in dark cubicles
and living under artificial illuminance. 
Sunshine that deluges my face,
reminds of God’s assurance,
To dispel the dregs of loneliness
And provides much needed solace!

Copyright @ Goutam Dutta

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