Remember those halcyon days we held hands and walked across green lawns? You whacked me once, because I stole an apple from your bag. I had to explain I was hungry, and it was forgiven.

 cutting all divides
 bonds ruled 

Will I let you enter the sanitised environs of my house today? It matters where you are coming from, and were you quarantined for the requisite period?

 new barriers
 where none existed 
 will haunt my conscience
 might become
 an open sore 

You know what, I’ve not allowed certain people to enter the house, because I’ve never liked them. Covid becomes a valid excuse. But you? How do I explain?

 flying across 
 cutting through
 our cherished bond
 I need to respect those
 with whom 
 I’ve spent a lifetime 

Why not meet on Zoom and do a virtual hug? Let us shed tears on our shackles. Let us pretend there is nothing else but this pandemic which separates us. There is so much that I need to share, and there can’t be anyone better than you.

 yet it all feels
 so incomplete
 like I start 
 writing a piece
 but don’t know
 how to begin 
 or end 

21 thoughts on “A-changing

  1. Many things change as we grow up and often grow apart. Meeting friends after a long while can either solve the issues or create new ones. I like the best where you are using the pandemic as an ex to refuse entry to certain people. I thing many of us have some that, or would like to.
    Thanks Reena for your amazing poem.

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