Breaking new ground

The shapes and symbols are unfamiliar. He looks around to spot a clue or see similar objects around.

No help in sight… he turns back to the screen in desperation and sees the lines getting translated to a known language.

The messages give him directions on things he should and shouldn’t do, during his stay here. He needs to contribute by leaving information about himself, and giving his perspective on whatever he sees around.

“Leave your batteries and hotspots behind. We power your devices.”

There is an unusual blue light flashing where the camera used to be.

He has logged on to an unknown network, but lost contact with all that he derived comfort from.

He looks around to see if there is someone he can communicate with, but finds himself alone. 

He types the word “Chat” in what looks like a search engine and gets busy. There is so much to discover here, other than the objectives of his mission.

A glowing, ethereally beautiful face appears on the screen. He does not know which species is this, but the beauty is unmatched – the kind he has never imagined or seen before.

Will the space traveller return to Planet Earth?

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