A writer’s world

“A writer’s world” ….. by Jude

tales told different

Reena’s exploration challenge

As a writer, you pile perspective upon perspective,
And perch on the lofty precipice of dangerous empathy,

Random epiphanies,
And random questions that test your sense of identity,

Like a headless hasaean hunting thoughts, you decapitate the minds of good and evil alike.
You are insane, yet also the therapist.
You come from a tribe of headhunters; so you will never need a shrink.

Craft me a tale,

That I may see who I am.

Craft me a story;

Of who I can be.


Bubble’s twenty word Tuesday

© judeitakali

Reena asked us to use any of the three phrases below to inspire something we write. I liked them all so I used all three;

  • “His thought process was on so many levels that he gave himself a phobia of heights.”
  • “Random words in front of other random words create a random sentence.
  • “I…

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