Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights ……. by Happy Soul

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I just had no time today. So, posting a few pics taken at home, in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge: Light

“Subham Karoti Kalyanam Arogyam Dhana Sampadah
Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Deepa Jyoti Namostute

Meaning: I fold my hands before the light that brings prosperity, auspiciousness, good health, abundance of wealth and destruction of the enemy’s intellect. ( or darkness)

I remember my grand mom reciting this sloka and a few more everyday while lighting the lamp. I loved to accompany her in this ritual. Today, many people celebrate Dhanteras. Whereas for us at home today, it’s a festival where we fill up our buckets, drums with water up to brim, in the evening and perform a small pooja to all the containers that hold water(considered sacred Ganga) and pray for its availability in abundance.

Personally, I love this Festival of Lights- DeeavaLi – literally translates to – a line of…

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