“Let the door not be a barrier. The light of liberation is the same, and will shine brighter if flames unite.”

I find this note in an antique statue placed on the mantelpiece. Heritage hotels give me a spooky feel. I wonder what stories lie behind, and who lives in those sculpted arches.

Who wrote this note? For whom? Why didn’t see this before?

The door opens, and music from celebrations outside floats in. It sounds familiar. Who is celebrating death?

I walk out, taking advantage of the fact that I’m invisible. Those people think I died a century ago.

Image credit: Dale Rogerson


30 thoughts on “Who?

  1. This story makes me feel like one of those optical illusions with a mirror reflecting another mirror. I read the story several times, keeping in mind what I learned on the last read. It looked a little different every time. Really well-written.

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  2. A nice spooky write. Years ago, I worked for a construction company that did remodeling of very old homes. We were always finding unique things in the walls. Little treasures, old toys, newspapers, photos. I’d love to have that job again. It was always interesting.

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    1. The context here is different. But in some cultures, death beyond a certain age is celebrated. The Osho cult is also known for doing this.

      Recently, a relative died of Covid, and his children ‘celebrated his life’ with his favorite colors, food and liquor.

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