Beyond the wall

The monsters on the other side have imprisoned a fairy. 

The fairy can solve all kids’ problems. We search online to see if she is accessible, but it appears she is the old-fashioned type who work with a wand and wings. We are willing to help her out with gadgets, if the wands and wings are non-operational, but fail in establishing contact.

“How about killing the monster? They are not governed by law, so we don’t attract murder charges. It is just like killing a pest,” opines Donald.

“Who knows about the pest control mechanism?”

Frantically, we launch an online search, but just find links to story books.

Harry does the unthinkable. He jumps outside the window.

“There is nothing beyond the wall except a space where the wind whistles,” he enlightens us.

Now, how do we get him out of there?

Line Credits for thr prompt:

“there is nothing behind the wall
except a space where the wind whistles”
from “Drawings By Children”

by Lisel Mueller

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