makes me weary
 of any claim
 of being
Hey, Sun and Moon!
 Will you be around
 when I visit 
 another planet,
 another time,
 in another form?
Will you recognise me
 and then laugh
 like twinkling stars
 while the sky
 still remains
 an illusion
 an enigma?
 Will that tiny bit in me
 being part of a whole
 I’ll always be there
 not as I know myself today
 but as a part of
 A universal soul… 

Image Credit: Randy McGuire

19 thoughts on “Everlasting

  1. How beautifully written Reena..
    I cant stop myself from thinking what will happen after we finish our lives in this form…
    I loved this idea of being born in another planet..in another form… still part of the big universe ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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