I remember being first to question the logic of ‘laid down’ rules and structures, right since childhood. The foundation of a rebellious life was being laid, and it created discomfort all around, especially with family elders, and bosses in the later part of life.

It has not worked well for me, as I see ‘obedient’ ones being rewarded with material success everywhere. They know how to pander to egos and the need for validation, and I never learnt how to do that.

Over a period of time, I’ve accepted that the call of my life is to awaken, to create awareness and make people see the other side of being right. 

A calmness descends on me, as I ‘accept’ this truth, instead of challenging it – I feel the foundation slipping beneath my feet.

18 thoughts on “Irony

  1. totally identify with this view.
    The critical thing is that you found a perspective that allows your to accept your own path and the attendant calmness.
    I would take it one step further (yeah, I know, what a shock lol) to know that there is a way, followed by others, that provides reward to those who have bought into that view (and pay the price) is an advantage.
    You know how they must relate to each other in order to enjoy the rewards but I would submit, if asked that they do not know that their way (of living) is only of many. Their ego disguise the price of membership as being ‘the way things are supposed to be’.
    You know both ways.
    I would consider that an advantage. More perspective is always better than less.
    Thought-provoking as usual.


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