Brand of Ethics

“I would advise you to stay. You are too callow to understand the ways of the world out there.”

“I’m not comfortable here.”

“You have been given everything you need.”

“Really? All I need is a level playing ground to up my game.”

That was a decade ago. I’ve learnt there are no level playing grounds, because brands of ethics are different. Personal brands are built through digital showcases. Values peep out of actions. It is only the latter that I understand.

“You still have a long way to go,” I can hear the same voices ringing in my head.

22 thoughts on “Brand of Ethics

  1. Makes you wonder if there even is a finish line? For years I pursued one goal after another and that sense of purpose kept me going. In retrospect, it’s an illusion, but sometimes that’s what we need. Good story, Reena.

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  2. Although Covid has the sometime feel of a leveller it has also highlighted the disparates and shows how the ruling classes are trying desperately to swim against the tides, trying to preserve their assets. Politics has shown itself for what ti is at the moment, dirty and corrupt.

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    1. Most people would like to term it as “hard-earned success”. These days, every influencer’s story starts with the hard life they led, before they struck upon a formula they are selling.

      Yes, opportunity is all about being in the right place at the right time, supported by the right people. Glad that you see it from all perpsectives….

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  3. Everything equal.. yeah, right! In school I was billed as “stupid”. My IQ in the 180’s. Was it my fault that English was not the language I was used to speaking? Was it my fault that parent spent all the money on her drugs so that we had no food, no clothes? No, and no. Yet, who was it that was hit with the stigma that low income meant stupid.

    Great writing, brought back some old baggage… giving it a toss into the 13th file to the left.


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