“It was never meant to be an equal world. Paucity of resources created inequality amongst competing tribes, and we invented power.”

The young assistant eagerly types his bytes in her device. The celebrated anthropologist does not know his words are worth a fortune, especially after that trip with the ruler of the land.

“Did you discuss this with His Highness during your time together?”

“Not really, a field day for me is a showcase for power, and I don’t expect solutions for the victims to come from beneficiaries.”


15 thoughts on “Power

  1. the protagonist is way out on a limb there, right from the start… I might suggest paucity is not the source of inequality, people with power are the source of inequality… less (as people) for their weakness of character as to feel a need to blame others and avoid responsibility.

    thought-provoking as always, R

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  2. I see that I am not the only one who had to look up paucity. 🙂
    There is much to be said regarding equality among people vs those who want to exert power over the people. Thought provoking and timely.

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