The nth minute

Live Love Laugh Learn

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A mammoth task stands unfinished

The time is now, either I do or die

The fault is all mine, I lacked foresight

This fact, to myself atleast, I cannot lie

Putting it off every single day,

No prioritisation, No planning

Pushed it till the eleventh hour

My asinine reasons are unforgiving

Accepting the state of the present

Facing fears, taking challenge head on

My brain, is at its creative best

Ideas spewing up like popcorn!!

(75 words)

In response to Reena’s Exploration challenge, Sammi’s Weekend writing prompt: asinine and Eugi’s weekly prompt: foresight. Thanks for hosting these challenges:-)

This took me back to Engineering days. We had eight semesters to complete. The final semester had only one subject in curriculum and we had to do one project too. After slogging through the seven sems, we felt very light at the eighth. “This is the last semester we…

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