Wrong end

“I’ve never been to a place of worship. I don’t believe in God.”

“One doesn’t have to worship to believe in God. Religion is a man-made institution, with an imaginary God as a central character. The Creator is not confined to any structure.”

“Imaginary is the word”, he continued with an animated expression, “Do you see justice anywhere? Why is there so much of suffering, if your God takes care of everything?”

“I see a Being very disappointed with his creation. He gave them an independent Will, and it became his undoing. The world did not go the way it was intended to be.”

“So what do you do with this concept of yours?”

“We look at him through the wrong end of the long Telescope of Time. Yet, we need to give due credits to the original Creator, and some more Time….”

6 thoughts on “Wrong end

  1. Very philosophical. I also agree that with free will, it relies on us to control fate and not divinity. Whether divinity has brought us here and created us or not, the theme encompasses that although there’s the intent of being made in how God sees us, free will is given with the knowledge of potential creation and destruction. A thought-provoking piece of prose, Reena. I always enjoy reading your beautiful work.

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  2. I really really like this. We have a friend who is a pastor….and he’s said, when asked about the pain someone is going through or the trials and tribulations or the problems of discord … the person says, “Why does God let this happen?” And his answer is always, God doesn’t have anything to do with this! His statement fits very well with your piece here. It is a philosophical issue….I think that’s why it’s called “faith”.

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