Vision Apparent

Vision Apparent ….. by Aishwarya

Kitty's Verses

Sun glares through drawn curtains,

Orange hues, summer’s theme,

Sweaty afternoons,

Masking memories of chilly winters.

The day progress,

Without weather getting any better,

Hot, hotter, hottest, slogan of the season,

Tires of the day,

Lullabies me to sleep.

A crack in the window,

Lets breeze enter the room unannounced,

Jostling me back to senses,

Dimness of surroundings,

Assures me it’s night still,

Turning back to catch up on sleep,

The outlines of a protruding twig,

Acts as an aura,

A formless form,

Seeps through walls of the room,

Laments tales of deceit,

Those known strangers faking a goody good smile,

Sorrows of premature death,

That, not having a chance to live while they enjoy,

Chill runs through those warm environs,

Lump in my throat unable to scream,

A disquiet soul ,

Hushed stillness prevails,

Daring me to sleep,

The clock strikes two.

142 words.

Acknowledgements :- Thank you Reena…

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